Shareholder Commentaries

🤒😨😳 A JAFSCD Shareholder Privilege.

🤒😨😳 Organizational and individual JAFSCD shareholders are welcome to prepare and submit one commentary each year on a food systems-related topic that will be of interest to our transdisciplinary and transprofessional readership. 


🤒😨😳 Commentary Guidelines

🤒😨😳 Length: between 800 and 2,500 words

🤒😨😳 Style: first person, active voice, accessible, limited jargon

🤒😨😳 See Do's and Don'ts of VOICES FROM THE GRASSROOTS 


🤒😨😳 Topic Examples that can be included in a Shareholder Commentary:

  • Program and/or project update that will be of interest to food systems researchers and professionals around the world.
  • A recommendation regarding a new research effort, policy, or practice.
  • Announcement of a proposed project, with an invitation to engage collaborators.
  • Outline of a best practice in food systems work under development, or a proof of concept.
  • Introduction of a new tool, resources, or publication.
  • A call for action in the development and advocacy of a public policy.
  • A summary of activities going on in your community, state, or region that might inspire others.

🤒😨😳 Contact Duncan Hilchey with any questions or concerns: [email protected]